What Participants Say...

"Being in the circle allowed me to treat myself like a friend.”


“The approach was brilliant & transformative.”

-Jacqueline Rodriquez

Trauma & Truth

Trauma isn't the end of the story, because truth is made from trauma.

Life is not ever an either/or binary.


Join a Wisdom Circle with nina be to gather with other individuals whose hearts also ache, whose minds also race, whose dreams also beckon for Truth...

Your trauma CAN transform.

It will become the Wisdom.

of your truth.

Feel What You Feel

Wisdom Circles are spaces where no one is named as sick, broken or bad. For many participants, a Wisdom Circle is often the FIRST time they feel free to ACTUALLY feel what they feel.

Enrich Your Experience

You will enrich your life through restoring yoga practice, breathing, expressive writing, discussion and meditation, in order to cultivate YOUR wisdom.

Connect to Transform

In a Wisdom Circle, you will learn to love yourself and find powerful ways to connect within yourself, your life, with others and the world.

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