yoga classes with nina be

Yin Therapeutics & Journaling on Zoom

a mindfulness practice working with the body, mind, & heart

My approach to leading a yoga class is about SO much more than the shapes a body can make

Yoga is for Every Body.

Every. Body.


My unique and cutting edge perspective to living yoga is the accumulation of over 45 years of devoted study, education, inspiration and international experience.

These Yoga Classes will help you to awaken the innate intelligence of the body, mind & heart into its full potential.

the MindBody Centering Yoga (MBCY) Method

Even though nina be's work with movement, wisdom, wellness & community now lives under the umbrella of, all yoga offerings remain true to the MindBody Centering Yoga (MBCY) Method beloved from its roots in Durham, North Carolina to all around the world where its impacts continue positively reverberating through trauma-informed yoga practice & lifestyle.

MBCY is the cutting-edge yoga technique that awakens the innate intelligence of the body/mind into its full potential.

It was developed in 1979 as experienced guidance in Self-Mastery, using researched techniques in creative movement, ballet, hatha/raja yoga, neuroscience, alexander technique, music, chakra study, somatics, trauma resolution, psychology, ritual and applied mindfulness as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh.

This practice is for EveryBody

Body, Mind -AND- Heart.

The heart is said to be the seat of the soul and the bliss body, where there is quietude and stillness and the ability to accept the conditions of the present moment. 

From the heart center, accepting the present moment is a power that resonates deeply from the center of our Truth...that all is One.

Your heart is invited to MBCY.

ONLINE Yin Yoga: Yin Therapeutics with Journaling through the chakras

𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝓃𝒾𝓃𝒶 𝒷𝑒


06:00 PM – 07:00 PM EST

Yin Therapeutics Description

Yin Therapeutics are about listening to the body as opposed to...mastering, controlling, demanding, taming, shredding our sacred vessel. Meridians, connective tissue, organs give us the deep awareness to enhance our quality of life. 

Each week yoga therapist and movement specialist addresses an area of the body that can easily get blocked by stress, overuse, or compensation from past injuries. nina offers simple straightforward tips for everyone for everyday so that we can increase our agility and enhance strength and flexibility.


We are so glad you are here.

We humbly ask that when you enthusiastically invite a loved one into our beautiful class, you allow them to donate to the teacher to show their appreciation. In this way the prosperity for all is uplifted! (Please send donation to nina-be-1 on Venmo.)

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Online classes are held on Zoom. Download the Zoom app (basic version is free!) ( on your phone, tablet or computer. Gather your mat and any props. If you don’t have blocks or straps available at home, please consider using alternatives such as books for blocks and belts in place of straps. You could have a folded blanket or towel on hand as well.

We encourage you to invite others to class with you.


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