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The 10 Promises a Map to

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Mindfulness Map to Peace, Purpose, & Power::

The Self-Paced Course

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Move From Problems to Promises

Many of us seek relief or inspiration through self improvement but we continue to use external reference points to guide our lives. The 10 Promises help resource a life of authenticity and autonomy. 

This Mindfulness Map to Peace with the 10 PROMISES will empower you to::

  • Awaken your body, mind, and heart.
  • Balance work & play, creating & resting, family & friends.
  • Energize sharing your purpose and compassion.
  • Inspire your desires.

You will discover your purpose with::

  • Mindfulness practices to focus on developing your well-being.
  • How to revitalize your beauty.
  • How thoughts can create depression or relief.
  • How to lower anxiety with connection to the Earth.
  • The body always moves, expresses & heals best when we listen to the heart.
  • New capacity for awareness, comfort, strength, vitality and flow.

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The Mindfulness Map to

Peace, Purpose, & Power with the 10 PROMISES of you to::

▪Become calm
▪Move with more ease and joy.
▪Learn how to talk about your truth with friends.
▪Gain more awareness, strength, vitality & flow through your body.
▪Embody the beauty of your inner experiences.
▪Relieve tension, tightness, or exhaustion.
▪Feel fabulous.