welcome to centering life

embodied experiences to cultivate resilience

centering life offers Trauma-Informed MindBody Centering Yoga and Mindfulness courses, classes, and workshops to help transform self-doubt, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and negative self-image.

We learn from our experience, and the things we sometimes label trauma are transformed into the gold of WISDOM,
for ourselves & for the world.

hi, I'm nina be...

I started centering life after dedicating 45 years to yoga, embodied psychology, movement arts, mindfulness & meditation.

After studying, learning, practicing & teaching what the best of the best have to offer us, I have SO much to share with you...

I am so honored to BE sharing these centering life experiences with YOU.

nina be, yoga therapist, psychologist, dancer


Summertime is a lovely season to restore your beauty with the art of mindfulness, yoga, nature, and community.

We care for you like the land cares for you on sacred land.

Your Restorative Mindfulness Retreat

Restore your beauty on Sacred Land.
Yoga, Meditation, & Expressive Writing

August 5-9, 2023

in Cody, Wyoming

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Wisdom Circles

a mindfulness group therapy program to explore &

access your courage & truth for mental emotional health

MindBody Centering Yoga

trauma-informed approach for transformation

yoga classes

Yoga Classes

Online and in-person

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trauma informed yoga teacher trainings with yoga therapist nina be


Yoga Alliance Certifications

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Online Yoga Alliance Certifications

Online Courses

Transform your mind & body

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Yoga Therapy Coaching & Groups

an alternative to talk therapy

yoga therapy with master yoga therapist nina be

Individual Yoga Therapy

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yoga therapy with master yoga therapist nina be

Couples Yoga Therapy

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Mindfulness Courses

Online courses to resource your courage & life purpose.

If you have any questions about our courses, please email us at centeringnow.life (at) gmail.com